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Cool Car Insurance images

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1967 – 1975 Chevrolet Corvette C3 Convertible
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Image by Georg Sander
The Chevrolet Corvette (C3) is a sports car produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors for the 1968 through 1982 model years. Corvette chief Zora Arkus-Duntov wanted a striking new Corvette; although engines and chassis components were mostly carried over from the previous generation, its body and interior were new. "Though initially flawed, the 1968 like the 1958, would improve and mature into a car precisely right for its time." The so-called Shark was produced during one of the most troubled periods in America: civil unrest, burgeoning federal guidelines, fuel economy and pollution regulations, oil embargoes, rising fuel and insurance costs, runaway inflation, and a lingering recession. Through it all the third generation Corvette continued to set new sales records with an all-time high of 53,807 produced for the 1979 model year.


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Die Corvette C3 wurde im Herbst des Jahres 1967 als dritte Corvette-Generation eingeführt und bis 1982 gebaut. Sie wurde von 1969 bis 1976 auch Stingray (englisch: Stachelrochen) genannt, was auch als Schriftzug auf der Karosserie gezeigt wurde. Die C3 war trotz anfänglicher Verarbeitungsprobleme sehr erfolgreich. Der Bau des Cabrios endete dagegen aufgrund verschärfter Sicherheitsbestimmungen bereits zum Jahresende 1975.


A “Big 3” Bailout???
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Image by cobalt123
A composition to highlight concern over the current political discussion in the US over whether or not to "bailout" the "Big 3" car manufacturers with a "loan".

All day I’ve heard the news on the radio and saw newspapers that quote lawmakers expressing support or outrage. Usually this pontificating is based on a variation of one of these three concepts:

1. The manufacturers have designed the wrong vehicles.

2. The manufacturers have wasted money.

3. There are thousands of jobs in jeopardy and hundreds of bankruptcies of associated suppliers to the Big 3 car manufacturers.

I’d just like to point out that for years we have heard that the biggest expense headaches for these car manufacturers are their expenses for retirees and for health care. I can’t stomach a bailout in any way it is termed, when the biggest threat to the US economy is clearly the incredible rising costs of health care and reform needed that will anger the lobbyists for medical insurance, pharmaceuticals, malpractice lawyers and some medical practitioners. Any move to make cost-effective changes in public policy have been decried too long as "socialism". Give me a break, FIX the darn problems, don’t call it by other names when the elephant is in the living room!

dog attack jerkoff
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Image by postbear
yesterday afternoon and evening i took a walk through cabbagetown since i’d been shooting everywhere else but near home lately. after a while i thought i’d head over to riverdale park, and just as i entered it the screaming started. the asshole pictured here had both his dogs off their leashes and they had cornered another dog, one of them repeatedly attacking him. i ran (well, walked quickly, as the knees allowed) over, yelling, along with a couple of other people who were nearby, and we managed to scare the attacking dogs off. the other dog, who’d clearly been bitten a few times, seemed not too badly off, thankfully. we yelled at the idiot above to leash his dogs and get them under control, which he refused to do – he even refused to leave the park until i took some shots of him and pulled out my phone to call the police. the leashes went on then, but he didn’t take hold of the other end.

the 911 call proved useless – i was transferred around to non-emergency and a couple of other departments, and it quickly became clear that the cops didn’t give a flying fuck. the indifferent human i last spoke to offered to put in a request for a car to come out to us, but knowing response times (a neighbour had her house broken into the other day and waited for three hours for a couple of bored uniforms to show up and ask if she had insurance), i gave up.

the dog’s owner was in distress, but the dog stayed friendly and walked around, even greeting the new dog arrivals in a friendly manner. still, she took him to her vet and his wounds, i found out later when she called me, were serious, including one nasty tear on his throat. i sent her these shots last night, and she’s going to post a warning about him in the park and nearby – we’re trying to sort out other ways to warn people away from this fucking idiot, too. he apparently hangs out on the far side of riverdale park, near broadview and danforth.

i don’t blame the dogs. i blame this shithead and the other people who train powerful animals to be aggressive and who take zero responsiblity for their actions, to the point that they even refuse to control their pets because they are afraid of being bitten themselves. animal control shouldn’t euthanise these dogs, they should remove them from his home and let them go be retrained somewhere away from other animals until they can be resocialised. the human can be euthanised, though – he’s clearly useless and we’re an overpopulated species.