Cool Auto Insurance images

Cool Auto Insurance images

A few nice auto insurance images I found:

A Class Act
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Image by drp
Sorry if I didn’t get to comment on all of your wonderful pic, kids. Every time I went to access Flickr, I’d get a "time out" error on my browser. Blank page. Nada. This is obviously a system-wide thing, since it’s been reported on the Flickrbug forum numerous times. I was finally able to get on at 2 am this morning using, but not everything is functioning properly. Ugh. No sooner do I return and get back into the swing of the game, does someone erase the baseball diamond. Field of dreams, my ass.

Anyhooo, if I’m not around for a while, you’ll know why. It’s either that, or because I cracked my melon open helping Jolene move a couch down this insurance nightmare.

And now for something completely different…….

My high school built a new wing onto the complex in my junior year. It housed rooms for 4 new classes – Auto Shop, Woodworking, Cosmetology, and Commercial Art/Photography. Not being a very enthusiastic "fine artist," and still wanting to do something creative, I gave the CA/P class a shot.

Mrs. Joanne Puleo was our instructor. She was whip-smart, talented, open-minded, and truly compassionate. She talked to you like you were already a pro, without being condescending or harsh. She was genuinely interested in a student’s ideas and motivations. The class was comprised of 20+ teenagers, and somehow she made time for each of us, leaning on a desk to offer advice and talk problems out, review contact sheets, etc. – without making anyone feel neglected.

I gave Jolene a shot she took of me at age 17 during an in-room assignment. She uploaded it here.

This is the only picture I have of her, scanned in from a contact sheet. I like the fact it’s scratchy and grainy, and that she’s looking over her shoulder at me. Those qualities give it the sense of things past, and her looking at me now from that time and place long ago.

CA/P was a fun class, and she was an amazing woman. The experience helped plant the creative seed that’s pretty much grown like kudzu in one form or another ever since. I damn her for making me a good graphic artist sometimes, because it can be a bear of a career, but I praise her every time I lift a camera for making me an even better photographer. Each shot I take is done so in silent dedication to my all-time favorite teacher (although that substitute in 4th grade that looked like Brigitte Neilsen and drove an orange Bricklin SV1 is a close second).

So…who was that ONE teacher that made a difference in your life?


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