An Excellent Guide to Mobile Phone and Coverage

An Excellent Guide to Mobile Phone and Coverage

An Excellent Guide to Mobile Phone and Coverage

Your phone displays its signal strength as a series of bars on your screen. And we have all experienced the frustration that accompanies a loss of signal. All of our mobile phones depend on good network coverage to keep us all in touch. Some networks provide more consistent coverage than others, although things are improving all the time.

Generally speaking, if you are the close to a mobile phone base or mobile phone transmitter or tower, then your mobile telephone signal should be great. Unfortunately, things are not as straightforward as all that, as we shall see.

If interference is very strong in the area that you are in, then you may well find yourself in what is termed as a mobile signal dead zone. This essentially means that you are in an area in which absolutely no signal can get through to you at all.

In a bustling city, these interferences tend to come from obstructive buildings, in particular the tall variety. And if these buildings are tightly packed-in around you, then your phone signal has even more work to do to get through to your phone.

Those in rural areas can often lack a proper phone signal, as mobile network coverage tends to be weaker in these areas. Because rural areas are less densely populated, they have suffered a little in the network coverage stakes. Mobile phone providers have concentrated on covering areas where they have the most customers, neglecting countryside coverage in the process.

But in the countryside, the main bug-bear of mobile phone users is the lack of mobile phone coverage in general. These less-populated areas tend to be less well served by the mobile provision companies, basically due to the lower number of customers there. This hardly seems fair as we all pay the same mobile phone tariffs and call and text costs no matter where we live and work, so why should some pay for weaker service?

At the moment, none of the mobile phone network providers have one hundred percent coverage of the UK. However more and more antennas and bases are being constructed all the time.

The advent of 3G technology forced many companies to improve their coverage dramatically too, so coverage is now better than it has ever been.

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