The Mohawk mine and mining facilities, Goldfield, Nevada, ca.1905 (CHS-5427)

The Mohawk mine and mining facilities, Goldfield, Nevada, ca.1905 (CHS-5427)

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The Mohawk mine and mining services, Goldfield, Nevada, ca.1905 (CHS-5427)
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”The Mohawk mine and mining facilities, Goldfield, Nevada, ca.1905
Photograph of the Mohawk mine and mining amenities, Goldfield, Nevada, ca.1905. Several mine shaft contraption, utilised for boosting and lowering miners into the mine and for extracting ore, can be noticed jutting over the land throughout the location. The buildings encompassing them are mills, boarding homes, cabins, storage properties, or other mining structures. Many inactive railroad cars stand dormant on one particular of the many railroad tracks that go by way of this mining facility. A horse-drawn carriage and its driver are preparing to journey up a hill towards the mining services (foreground). Wheel tracks streak the floor. Legible symptoms include: &quotMohawk&quot, &quotbest on earth, A1 […]&quot, &quotT. &amp N.O., 9826, 33FT […] inside of AP 50,000 […] WT, LPS.&quot, &quotB. &amp O., 136, 257 […]&quot, &quotBAL, TIM, CRE, &amp O. […]&quot, &quotO.S.L., 4737&quot. &quotIn 1902 gold was uncovered in the hills close to Tonopah, Nevada. Before long a couple of tents dotted the barren hills amongst the Joshua trees, and the boomtown of Goldfield was born. In 1903 only 36 men and women lived in the new city. By 1908 Goldfield was Nevada’s greatest town, with in excess of 25,000 inhabitants. Together with the influx of miners and businessmen, came the labor unions. The Western Federation of Miners, the Industrial Employees of the World and the American Federation of Labor all vied for electrical power in the area. For the duration of the early many years, the unions had been in a position to manage wages and operating hrs. But in November, 1906, the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Firm was integrated by house owners George Wingfield and United States Senator George Nixon, signaling the starting of monopoly manage in Goldfield, and the commence of an adversarial connection in between mine owners and the unions.&quot — unfamiliar author.

Phone number: CHS-5427
Photographer: Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.), 1861-1946
Filename: CHS-5427
Coverage day: circa 1905
Component of collection: California Historical Modern society Selection, 1860-1960
Format: glass plate negatives
Sort: photographs
Geographic subject matter (city or populated place): Goldfield
Repository identify: USC Libraries Unique Collections
Accession variety: 5427
Microfiche variety: 1-111-78 one-113-nine
Archival file: chs_Volume99/CHS-5427.tiff
Component of subcollection: Title Insurance and Have confidence in, and C.C. Pierce Photography Selection, 1860-1960
Repository deal with: Doheny Memorial Library, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0189
Geographic subject matter (region): Usa
Structure (aacr2): 2 photos : glass photonegative, photoprint, b&ampw 21 x 26 cm.
Legal rights: Digitally reproduced by the USC Electronic Library From the California Historic Culture Collection at the University of Southern California
Subject (adlf): mine web sites
Task: USC
Repository e-mail:
Contributing entity: California Historical Modern society
Day developed: circa 1905
Publisher (of the digital version): College of Southern California. Libraries
Format (aat): photographic prints pictures
Geographic matter (state): Nevada
Matter (file heading): Mining — Out of condition — Nevada — Goldfield
Legacy document ID: chs-m17369 USC-1-1-one-14218
Obtain circumstances: Send requests to deal with or e-mail presented. Phone (213) 821-2366 fax (213) 740-2343.
Geographic matter (county): Esmeralda
Subject matter (lcsh): Mines and mineral methods

circa 1905 (date designed)

Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.), 1861-1946

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Photographs from USC Electronic Library uploaded by Fæ
California Historical Modern society Assortment, 1860-1960
Glass plate negatives
Pictures taken by Charles C. Pierce
Gold mining in Nevada

Copper mining city, Bisbee, Arizona, ca.1900 (CHS-4616)
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Copper mining town, Bisbee, Arizona, ca.1900
*Photograph of a copper mining city, [[ Group Bisbee, Arizona|Bisbee]], Arizona, ca.1900.
*Three smokestacks of a big processing get rid of are visible at correct.
*Several smaller structures are perched alongside a ledge of the steep slope of a mountainside at left. Smoke belches from stacks powering the big lose. Switchbacks are lower into the slope. At prime, a long row of rail cars carry ore.
Jerome ?”)

Phone number: CHS-4616
Photographer: James, George Wharton
Filename: CHS-4616
Protection day: circa 1900
Part of assortment: California Historical Society Assortment, 1860-1960
Sort: images
Geographic topic (town or populated area): Bisbee
Repository identify: USC Libraries Specific Collections
Accession amount: 4616
Microfiche quantity: one-114-
Archival file: chs_Volume97/CHS-4616.tiff
Part of subcollection: Title Insurance coverage and Have faith in, and C.C. Pierce Images Assortment, 1860-1960
Repository handle: Doheny Memorial Library, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0189
Geographic matter (region): United states of america
Format (aacr2): 2 photographs : photonegative, photoprint, b&ampw 20 x 25 cm.
Legal rights: Digitally reproduced by the USC Electronic Library From the California Historical Society Selection at the College of Southern California
Subject (adlf): mine sites
Undertaking: USC
Repository electronic mail:
Figuring out quantity: unidentified no: one-111-39
Contributing entity: California Historic Modern society
Day designed: circa 1900
Publisher (of the electronic variation): University of Southern California. Libraries
Format (aat): negatives (photographic) photographic prints images
Geographic matter (state): Arizona
Topic (file heading): Mining — Out of Condition
Legacy document ID: chs-m16943 USC-one-1-one-14214
Entry conditions: Send requests to tackle or e-mail presented. Cellphone (213) 821-2366 fax (213) 740-2343.
Geographic topic (county): Cochise
Matter (lcsh): Mines and mineral methods

circa (date created)

w, 1858&mdash1923

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Bisbee, Arizona
Mining in Arizona|Bisbee
Copper mining in the United States|Bisbee
Arizona in the 1900s|Bisbee
Black and white images of Arizona|Bisbee
Photographs from USC Digital Library uploaded by Fæ
Photos by George Wharton James
California Historical Modern society Selection, 1860-1960 utilizing Google Moderator
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Image by planspark
Through TPM Election Central:…

Note: Things are changing quick even as you might be browsing from webpage to webpage, so the numbers underneath are most likely never ever one hundred% precise.

As of a handful of minutes ago, the prime 30 concerns accounted for ten.five% of all 119,230 votes (somehow the table beneath is missing one line).

Nonetheless early, but may well search like we’re observing the same pattern we observed earlier exactly where a voting program chosen people entries that experienced been submitted early and captivated an early guide in votes.

Also, at a guestimated 15 words and phrases for every query (and a reading velocity of 250 terms for every minute), it would get about a hundred minutes to take in all one,606 concerns. Not as negative as what we observed below, but still quite a challenge as soon as we strike several thousand questions.

No. / Votes / Running total / P.c of whole
1 / 1128 / 1128 / .nine%
two / 938 / 2066 / one.7%
3 / 743 / 2809 / two.4%
four / 679 / 3488 / 2.9%
five / 647 / 4135 / three.five%
six / 646 / 4781 / 4.%
seven / 580 / 5361 / four.five%
8 / 543 / 5904 / five.%
nine / 495 / 6399 / 5.four%
10 / 400 / 6799 /
11 / 369 / 7168 / 6.%
12 / 390 / 7558 / six.3%
13 / 357 / 7915 / 6.6%
fourteen / 351 / 8266 / six.nine%
fifteen / 322 / 8588 / seven.2%
16 / 314 / 8902 / seven.five%
seventeen / 326 / 9228 /
18 / 325 / 9553 / eight.%
19 / 311 / 9864 / eight.3%
twenty / 312 / 10176 / eight.5%
21 / 286 / 10462 / 8.eight%
22 / 275 / 10737 / nine.%
23 / 275 / 11012 / 9.2%
24 / 265 / 11277 / nine.five%
25 / 271 / 11548 / 9.7%
26 / 247 / 11795 / nine.9%
27 / 230 / 12025 /
28 / 235 / 12260 / ten.3%
29 / 209 / 12469 / 10.5%

For future reference, the existing list of top thirty questions:

one / &quotWhat will you do to set up transparency and safeguards against squander with the relaxation of the Wall Road bailout cash?&quot
2 / &quotWhat will you do as President to restore the Constitutional protections that have been subverted by the Bush Administration and how will you make sure that our system of checks and balances is renewed?&quot
3 / &quotWill you carry the ban on Stem Mobile study in your initial one hundred days in workplace?&quot
4 / &quotWhat will you do initial to reduce pollution/squander and incentivize greener habits across the country?&quot
five / &quotWill you appoint a Specific Prosecutor – preferably Patrick Fitzgerald – to independently examine the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping?&quot
six / &quotWhat will you do to end the use of mercenary forces (ie Blackwater) by our navy?&quot
7 / &quotWhat do you prepare to do to our meals industry to make it much more sustainable? Will there be adjustments to our farming insurance policies?&quot
8 / &quotWhat will you do to market science and arithmetic schooling to Elementary and Center College students?&quot
9 / &quotHow extended will it consider for you to put into action your healthcare plan to insure individuals who do not have any insurance coverage at all?&quot
10 / &quotWhat will be completed to make the banking industry accountable when there are so numerous substantiated stories about their mismangement in relationship to promoting financial institution owned homes and handling likely foreclosures?&quot
11 / &quotSolar vitality is in use through the globe on an person house foundation for water and facility heating, as well as electricity era. Will your admin. try to utilize the millions of acres obtainable for photo voltaic energy selection?&quot
12 / &quotWhat will be completed about the Fda and its cozy connection with the Pharmaceutical business? Will the protective legislation for the Pharm be reversed? Will the Food and drug administration pre-emption policy defending the Pharm from legal responsibility be addressed?&quot
thirteen / &quotWill you introduce legislation to enable refinancing of older college student financial loans with substantial fascination prices (eight.5% and far more) into the reduce costs presently available? You can refinance any other type of loan apart from college student loans and that’s not fair.&quot
fourteen / &quotOur agricultural policy, shaped by Pres. Nixon, has resulted in our being both overfed and undernourished. Will you appoint a Secretary of Agriculture who understands that we have been functioning using unsustainable/unhealthy farming methods?&quot
fifteen / &quotWill you boost tax incentives or refunds to individuals for setting up vitality successful merchandise in their properties – this sort of as solar water and electrical, wind power, electric powered/hybrid autos, and so forth?&quot
16 / &quotGiven the vitality challenges we’re going through, what are your ideas to boost general public transportation in this nation, and to inspire ridership?&quot
17 / &quotWhat legislation will you introduce to preserve Web Neutrality and cease the telecom industry from eviscerating the finest communication medium of all time?&quot
eighteen / &quotYou do not support gay relationship, but you do assistance civil unions. How and when will all american gay and lesbian citizens will be granted the much more than 1,000 rights and tasks as married couples?&quot
19 / &quotWhat is your look at on a unitary executive department? Will you operate to restore checks and balances to the business office of the President and Vice-President?&quot
twenty / &quotHow will you deal with customers of the Bush administration for things like warrant-significantly less wiretapping, approving the use of torture, and the abuse of government electricity?&quot
21 / &quotIs there a way to give *health care for everyone* without having enriching only insurance coverage companies the way delivering &quotinsurance for everyone&quot does? This would help stimulate a bigger portion of the economy than just enriching a couple of insurance policies companies.&quot
22 / &quotWhy are we rebuilding our countrywide freeway technique instead of developing high-speed passenger rail and revitalizing our cities and cities by means of the growth of mass transit? Is this not important to our prolonged-time period economic and environmental properly currently being?&quot
23 / &quotThere has been a good deal of speak about rebuilding infrastructure. How considerably consideration is currently being offered to building a large velocity rail program, like individuals in Europe?&quot
24 / &quotExecutive Purchase 13233 from President Bush nullifies the lawful launch of presidential documents. What will you do to preserve the Bush/Cheney administration from exploiting this to keep their secrets and techniques protected, opposite to nationwide protection?&quot
25 / &quotThe Bush administration has rationalized some vile acts (torture, wiretapping) with questionable authorized viewpoints prepared by the OLC and the DoJ. How will you near the loophole that indicates any act is lawful if it really is permitted by this sort of a lawful opinion?&quot
26 / &quotHow cangovernment incentivize folks and businesses to support sustainable vitality and reduced petroleum dependency at a scale to impact worldwide warming sufficiently? We need far more than slogans. This adjust has important affect and true charges.&quot
27 / &quotWill you dedicate to unequivocally ending torture by US intelligence and armed forces companies, and will you assistance laws to categorically prohibit this follow in the potential?&quot
28 / &quotWill you consider a Physicians For The united states, sort of like a Teach For The united states, program as element of your overall health treatment reform? It would be a way to pay out for learners to become GP (we want far more) as properly as supplying wellness treatment to bad People in america.&quot
29 / &quotIn establishing a electrical power grid for the twenty first century, will you call for utility companies to make no matter what modifications are necessary to permit individual house owners to set up photo voltaic panels and sell surplus energy back again to the utility companies?&quot
30 / &quotWill you ban firms from using bailout money for lobbying?&quot